Pastoral Council Meeting Notes

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Notes from the PC meeting on 5/2/2010

Present:  Sam Hatchett, Josh Hanauer, Mandy McLaughlin, Bethany Rogers, Kevin Gilles, Christiane Sears, Janet McNeel, and Dave Nixon

Meeting led by Josh Hanauer.

Brief updates from each member.

Sam and Mandy (Communications) – VC has a new phone number which is 549-1757.  This phone is now answered by Google Voice (transcribed and emailed to the communications team instantly).

Bethany (Gatherings) – Will be enlisting help and participation of house churches for the gatherings by late summer.  (Dave Nixon volunteered Hearth to be the first and this will occur in August).

Jeremy (Facilities) – There will be a meeting this week (5/6) at 7 p.m. to discuss maintenance schedule and other related matters.

Kevin (House churches) – Working on transition from Josh to Kevin.  Will eventually be taking on the responsibility of the Leadership Community meetings.

Dave (Internal focus) – Will begin 15 week series tonight on various topics related to discipleship.

Christiane (Orientation)- Will push back start date due to no response to recent notice to begin group.  Is interested in putting together packet of basic information for newcomers – hope to use at gatherings also.

Janet (Admin/Support) – Attending meetings with Dave and various others, offering assistance as needed.

Josh (External Focus) –  Will be meeting with the PE teacher at Norwood Middle School regarding rugby becoming a part of the curriculum.  Will also be moving forward with the prison ministry known as Step Up.  The recent mtg. which brought in a nationally recognized speaker went well.  This was attended by Josh and Nathan Myers.

Items of discussion –

Josh met with Mills House Church.  Concerns raised re. finances and status of St. E’s (the building in disrepair).  Concerns about care, maintenance, restoration, vs. preservation.  Concerned about these critical issues.  Will hope to discuss at least in part at next Town Hall meeting on 5/23.

Sam presented a brief tutorial on Google Wave for members.  We also heard a demonstration of the Google Voice answering the new VC phone number.

Sam shared information about a grant opportunity brought to our attention by Ben Eilermann.  This is for some monies made available to nonprofit religious organizations for improvements in energy efficiency in older buildings.  The grant would be through the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance.  Sam and Ben will work on this and submit by the deadline of May 19.

Discussion of our ongoing financial issues.  Seems that there is a need for the establishment of some standard operating procedures as there is lack of clarity re. how money will be used.  Some voiced the question of whether or not we need to hire an accountant, systems consultant, etc.  Mention was made of an individual at Vineyard Church who might be able to help with this.  The PC passed a motion to recommend to the Board of Trustees that someone be hired as a financial consultant to help institute better financial processes.

Brad Rogers has resigned from his role as overseer of ministries for older children.

Pastoral Council needs to commit to finding someone who will help us determine the future of the St. Elizabeth building.  The Board of Trustees will be meeting in the near future and this will be identified as an agenda item for this group to review.

Next meeting of the PC is scheduled for June 13 from 1:00 – 4:00 at Tilden.


This Week’s Events: Gathering and Family Appreciation Day

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Network Gathering This Sunday! 10am – 12pm … Celebrate and bring a dish (remember to sign up).


Vineyard Central’s Family Appreciation Day is this Saturday! Stop by to meet Snoopy and have your picture taken with him. Play games, have your child’s face painted, enjoy some yummy refreshments and socialize with several families in the community. See you on June 5th, from 3pm-5pm!

We could use a few more volunteers. If you are interested in helping with this event, please contact Christiane at Cantwait2surf@hotmail.com. Thanks!


This Week’s Events: Gathering Team and a Hunger Walk

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Vineyard Central Gatherings Team Meeting – The Gatherings Team will meet this Wednesday evening (May 26th) at 7 in the church. If you’d like to be involved in the monthly Sunday services, we are always in need of willing hands. (and brains.)  The next gathering is coming up on June 6 – please consider lending a hand.  And sign up for the potluck!


Join the Healing Center with their Hunger Walk on Monday, May 31!  Your participation will earn food credits for the Healing Center; every dollar raised provides four healthy meals for families in need.  Get more info at healingcentercincinnati.com/hungerwalk/