House Churches

+Past, Present and Future

For many years now house churches have been an important facet of our life together. So much of the vibrancy of church life is directly tied to the deeper connections we have with others. Without those connections church life is just another way of “being alone together.”

House churches have provided an opportunity for us to connect at a more intimate level. There have been opportunities for deep conversation, prayer, meals together, service, and reflection on Scripture. This has been an important part of learning to love God and our neighbors.

During our process of discernment in 2011, we decided to return to a more traditional parish model of church, seeking to live into the parish history of St. Elizabeth and reclaim her as a place that plays an important role in the life of our neighborhood.

Smaller, more intimate gatherings will still be a crucial aspect of our life together, but we will no longer see ourselves as a network of house churches. Instead, we will be one church that meets in both large and small gatherings.

We do not want to jettison the good things that we have experienced over the past several years, but rather are seeking to integrate them into a more blended approach to being the church in our neighborhood.