VC Kids

There are few responsibilities greater than shepherding the children that God puts in our VC kids-2lives, both those from our own families and those in our neighborhood. At Vineyard Central, we are seeking to enfold kids into the fabric of what we do together as the body of Christ. Among other things, this means that kids remain with their parents for part of our Sunday gathering, participating in worship alongside adults.

It also means intentionally weaving liturgical elements into the way kids learn in their classes on Sunday mornings. We incorporate several elements of the “Godly Play” approach to learning, which views children as both learners and teachers who have profound and important perspectives on the stories and truths of Scripture. We are also currently utilizing a lectionary-based curriculum that follows the church calendar. To find the readings for every week of the year, click here.

We also place a high value on having as many screened and trained people as possible involved with teaching and shepherding our kids because we believe this responsibility is intended for the entire body of Christ. We believe every person can contribute something unique and important to the lives of kids.

For info about our safety policy, click here.