Pastoral Council Update

The 2010 Pastoral Council has experienced substantial transition since its formation early this year.
This is a short update on the state of the leadership positions that were identified.
If you feel called to any of the vacant or interim positions, please reach out (communication@vineyardcentral.com).

Interior Pastor: Dave Nixon
Exterior Pastor: Josh Hanauer
Admin/Support: Janet McNeel
Finance: Greg York (INTERIM)
Communications: Sam Hatchett / Mandy Mclaughlin
Facilities / Building Maint.: Jeremy Eyre
Newcomers: Christiane Sears
Children (under 8): Maurie Hanauer

House Churches / Leadership Community: VACANT
Gatherings: VACANT
Children (8+): VACANT
Building Preservation: VACANT

2 thoughts on “Pastoral Council Update

  1. Hey — Just wondering, did the folks that left those positions give any reasons for doing so? I am wondering if it more personal in nature, or about the sustainability of the model overall? It just seems striking to have that much turnover as quickly.

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